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I'd like you to see the world through my eyes.



Lots of things going wrong again,
yeah it's allright to feel ashamed
I've been noticed, no, not again!
I probably know the least,
so I can't help myself

You know the words they always say:
"Don't give up" and "Fight"
I vowed to myself...
But no, I've wasted all the chances that I had
and I was aware each and every time, but I wouldn't move

Truth is the only thing you will ever regret
is what you never did and not what you made
I've gotta warn you about the weight of your desitions

All my life I've been hiding from the eyes of those who criticize,
to feel that I belonged there
And now I fantacize about the bright future I could have if I
stand out and show them I don't care

My life is so uneasy, yay
I get up just to fail again
If I had always done the things I wanted to do!
But, slowly. We still can make amends

Looking for treasures of the past,
the things once lost can not come back
Looking for treasures of the past again...
I've been feeling down all the time and I can't be redeemed
There is no way to start from scratch,
we all know there is no such chance

If we could change the things we once did wrong,
then maybe just for once our concience would be clear, clear
I can do nothing but regret and live with it.
I think that the world is coming, coming down
but I feel better now, yay
Nothing can, noone can stop me, stop me now
I'm starting now
Oh well, oh well, oh well, oh, yeah
Oh, oh well, I feel... oh my god
I stand here and I forgive you all
I've got noone and I'm staring
into space and I'm moving on
Now I'm more!
I've got to tell you something,
it didn't count
I'm moving out of this town
And I don't give a fuck about
what you fell, well I don't care
No, no, no, no, no
Gotta be, gotta be alive,
I gotta be alive but I'm sick
Please don't tell anyone, no
I'm falling in the trap, I
I'm grabing on my chest, I
I'm staring into space, I
I don't know where to go, ah
I know what you think, I
I'm feelin' I can beat ya
I don't know, wait
I just can't, no
I won't let go
I won't start, so...
I saw this butterfly going home alone
Running down the stairs the little girl fell down
It's still dark outside, you know?
Playtime's over, come on

Falling off, coming down
at the bridge I fell down

I saw this butterfly without a wing
The leaves falling from a tree

Falling of, coming down
at the bridge I fell down
Falling of, coming down
at the bridge... where am I now?
Vampirette by n-kate
This is a drawing for a friend. It's the first one from a 'series' she'll hand in her bedroom. It's a mix from images she just liked and things that kinda represent her.
The drawing was made with black marker and pencils. I know the legs are way too long, but it looked pretty good and when I made them shorter it wasn't that... feminine or even seductive.
One and only love by n-kate
One and only love
So the story idea I had for this drawing (almost a year ago) is something like this:
The two people already know each other from some time ago. They were kinda in love but never told the other person how they felt. Now they meet in the city as they turn the corner and they're people with their lifes already made, and on top of that very different ones, like... musician and lawyer maybe (I didn't give much thought to his job, something like that, very 'society approved'). So when they see and instantly recognize each other the old emotion starts to come to surface.

After I started doing some sketches that failed I was watching a movie and heard the song 'One and Only' by Teitur and the lyrics were just perfect for the scene, so I took it as the song of the drawing (and title). Here's the beginning:
I've been wishing on a star but I never could have imagined
I would land just where you are after all this lonesome travelling
Took one look in your eye, reached out to hold your hand
This is when I realized what I could never understand
Do you want to be my one and only love?

Then I got tired of the song and I also abandoned the drawing again, because it simply wouldn't work out and... watching another movie I heard a song that heped me finish it (although the lyrics don't fit this time, I like the melody a lot more): 'Half-Life' by Duncan Sheik

And here it is, finished, almost like I pictured it at the beginning. Instead of drawing the background I took a photo of the internet and edited it a bit. Here's the source:…

I must admit the idea came a bit from my personal life; so some other songs that go along well with the feeling I want to transmit are (in some I only took in mind melody and not lyrics):
Better than nothing and Summer Begs, by Sarah Jaffe
Don't go away, by Oasis
Go and Perfect, by Smashing Pumpkins
Greens and Blues, by Pixies
I miss you, by Blink-182
Just Tonight and You, by The Pretty Reckless
Over the Love, by Skunk Anansie
Alternate World, by Son Lux (listening to this one I somehow feel like what will happen next in the scene is something else. Like, they'll just keep on walking and continue with their lifes as they are now)

Choose the one/s you like to look at the drawing, but they're all beautiful songs so check them all out.

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